Acne/Pimples? Don’t Worry, These 10 Best Homeopathic Medicines Will Help You

Homeopathic medicines for acne are prescribed on the basis of the totality of the symptoms and constitution of the patient. But before this, let’s have some general information about its types, causes, etc.

Acne, better known as pimples are the most common type of skin affecting teenagers and young adults. It is most common in girls age 14 to 17, and in boys 16 to 19 years of age.

The medical term for this is acne vulgaris. It also has an emotional impact ranging from distress to poor self-image and self-esteem.

homeopathy treatment for acne
Homeopathy in Acne Treatment

It mainly affects the areas of skin where sebaceous glands are more. Therefore, the major sites are the face, shoulders, upper chest and back.

Types of acne —

  • Papular
  • Pustular
  • Cystic
  • Nodular
  • Comedones
  • Blackhead
  • Whitehead

Causes —

  • Androgen, the primary cause – Rise in the level of the hormone androgen in the body. Androgen levels increase at the age of adolescence. The sebaceous glands present under the skin gets activated by the androgen and makes them grow bigger and produce excess oil. The hair follicles get blocked with this oil (sebum – the natural grease produced by glands under the skin) and cause acne.
  • Dandruff – i.e. flakes on the scalp. When these flakes shed off and fall on the face, they can block pores and cause acne. Such pimples are mostly found in the forehead region.
  • Stress – Stress does trigger acne. Stress causes hormonal fluctuation that leads to increased production of oil by the sebaceous glands.
  • Dietary factors such as dairy and chocolates.
  • Oil-based skin cosmetics.
  • Less sleep.
  • Hormonal changes – In women, hormonal changes take place during menses, pregnancy, and menopause, all of which can cause acne. They also increases in hypothyroid, Cushing syndrome, PCOD.
  • Irregular menses.
  • Drugs – Steroids and OC pills.
  • Heredity – also found in acne cases.

Do’s  & Dont’s —

  • Don’t wash affected areas of skin more frequently, washing can irritate the skin & worsen the symptoms.
  • Use mild soap and lukewarm water. Very hot or cold water can make it worse.
  • Don’t squeeze out them, this can make them worse and cause permanent scarring.
  • Don’t use too much make-up and cosmetics. Remove your make-up before going to bed.
  • For dry skin use a proper emollient.
  • Wash your hair regularly to avoid dandruff.
  • Avoid too much oily and spicy food.
  • Take a balanced diet containing fruits and vegetables.
  • Drink plenty of water.
Get rid of it with homeopathic treatment —

In homeopathic treatment, the medicine is selected after taking a thorough case and totality of the symptoms. Homoeopathic remedy selection is based upon the person’s unique symptoms, including their acne symptoms.

10 Best Homeopathic medicines —

There is a significant improvement in acne after treatment with homoeopathy. You can get rid of this with homoeopathic treatment by using the following medicines.

Calcarea carb –

In calc carb acne mostly appears on face especially in anaemic girls with irregular menses. Acne on the forehead with itching. Calc carb patient is fast, fair, flabby with much perspiration and great sensitivity to cold in general.

Calcarea sulph –

Cystic acne with pus formation. Unhealthy-looking skin with hard pimples on the face and on the forehead.  Pustular acne on face with pus discharge. Skin disorders with yellow scabs and itching.

Graphites –

Itching pimples with cobweb sensation on the face. Pimples oozing out sticky discharges. Pimples before menses in anaemic girls with irregular menses. Rough, hard, persistent dryness of the skin. Pimples especially on the nose with swelling and induration.

Hepar sulph –

It is suited to persons with unhealthy skin & great tendency of suppuration. Papular acne in young people which suppurates with pricking pain. Burning, stinging, bleeding pimples which are sensitive to touch.

Kali bromatum –

Pimples on face especially pustular. Also on chest and shoulder. Bluish, red pustules on the face, chest, and shoulders leaving scars, spots, on the skin. Pimples are painful, large red cysts with a white or yellow discharge.

Natrum mur –

Oily, shiny skin as if greased. Acne rosacea. Pimples on chest and back with itching.  Anemic girls with great weakness and irregular menses.

Psorinum –

Humid eruptions on the face with filthy smelling secretions. Oily skin where sebaceous glands secrete excessively. Psorinum patient does not improve when using coffee, fats, meat. Acne before and during menses, irregular menses. Acne rosacea especially on nose and forehead with itching.

Pulsatilla –

Pimples in young girls with the onset of puberty. They are associated with the irregular menses or absent menses or during pregnancy. Pimples with stomach complaints. Pimples itching, moist, painful aggravated scratching after.

Silicea –

Face red with deep, hard cystic acne, especially on the cheeks. They are very sensitive, painful leaving pitting scars. Nodular pimples with abscess formation. Silicea also helps in the expulsion of foreign bodies from tissues. Pimples worse from washing, during menses, damp and cold weather.

Sulphur –

Pimples over face especially forehead with dryness and much itching. Pimples in whiskers. Pimples also present on back and chest with burning. Dry, scaly, unhealthy skin accompanied by burning. Sulphur is especially indicated for acne rosacea, a reddening of the face that causes acne-like eruptions.

These are only leading medicines with keynote symptoms for the treatment of acne/pimples. Apart from this, a homoeopathic physician will ask for mental symptoms regarding your complaints in brief. After a thorough case taking, a constitutional medicine is prescribed i.e. similimum.

Homeopathic medicines for acne rosacea :

Carbo animalis, Carbo veg , Calc silicata, Psorinum, Lachesis, Kreosote, Mezerium, Petrolium, Rhus tox, Causticum.

Other homoeopathic medicines for acne :

Aurum met, Berberis aquifolium, Lycopodium, Nux vomica, Sarsaparilla, Phosphorus, Thuja, Acid flour, Syphilinum, Nitric acid, Antim crud, Arsenic album, and many more.

Treating acne by mind method –

Acne is not only a skin disease but also a deep internal imbalance. The psychodynamic reason behind it may be self-dislike, means not accepting the self or small outbursts of anger.

Homoeopathy treats the cause behind the disease not only the disease. Homoeopathic medicines have no side-effects and can be safely taken for a long period.

I believe, human health is a precious thing which may not be compromised at any cost. That’s why I strongly believe in Homeopathy because it is so natural and NO harming side effects at all”.

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